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View Full Version : Flash Blogging tool - need testers!

10-03-2003, 04:56 PM
Hey everyone. I've put out a really bare bones blogging tool done in Flash and I'd like some feedback from those of you who have internet access on your PPC and have a blog.

The program is called Bit O' This and you can find it here: http://aaronfg.com/dev/bitothis/

I've actually moved on to a newer version that has full Movable Type support and supports offline message composition, but I'd like some feedback on general bugs/issues you find with this early beta.

I'd suggest you use a program like Flash Assist to view the swf at 240x290 to get a nicer experience. There's also an exe version made with the demo of FlashPack (it will expire in a day) for those of you who just want to copy a file over and run it.

Thanks! :D