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View Full Version : 8) FlashThemes Animates the Today Screen for free

09-28-2003, 12:55 PM
The FlashThemes™ player breathes life into your Pocket PC Today screen through animated themes, games, applications and much more! Your Today screen will amuse, entertain and surprise you with themes that range from simple distractions to complicated everyday use multimedia applications that can even reach out across the Internet (where you have a connection). Does all this sound familiar? Well it is except that the really great thing is the FlashThemes™ player is absolutely free to download and install, NOT $14.95!

There are currently over 85 animated themes including nearly all of the top selling Animated Today themes available for FlashThemes™ (for example Aquarium). Within the first 3 weeks of release the software has been downloaded and installed on 4000 users' machines. Go and check it out at: