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View Full Version : ZRaid 1.0 is out

09-23-2003, 01:55 AM
The ultimate shooter is back in action.
This time around with great 16 bit color graphics, tons of special effects, smooth scrolling landscapes and realistic sound effects.

Yep... you know what's coming - your mission is to destroy as much as possible.
Fly over 100 levels, navigating among islands, bays and narrow channels while avoiding enemy jets, destroyers, helicopters and other assorted lethal hardware being thrown at you by the enemy.
Blow up everything you see and enjoy watching all the hardware being destroyed in an awesome orgy of alpha blended particles being thrown all over your screen.
Once you're done with them, there is nothing as satisfying as blowing up the enemy bridge which, beside showering your plane with tons of fiery fragments, will also allow you to advance to another level and continue your (mis)adventure.

If you still remember the thrill of trying to get just one more bridge when playing River Raid years ago, welcome back.
On the other hand if you've never had a chance to enjoy this superb game, give it a try.

Download the demo version today and see for yourself. (http://www.warmi.net/pocketpc/zraid/)


- 100 levels
- Smooth scrolling landscapes.
- Cool Special Effects.
- Alpha blended sprites.
- Gamma control.
- Customizable controls.