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View Full Version : PDA Remote Control and Helpdesk

09-19-2003, 07:38 AM
Mobile View v.0.4
Professional PDA Helpdesk Software
New version of Mobile View v.0.4 Professional utility is now available!
Mobile View from Aurorisoft allows you to fix any Pocket PC problems you might encounter.

Let professionals take a look at your Pocket PC over the Internet or GPRS, and suggest the most appropriate course of action, be that installation of new product/program, upgrade of existing software, or fixing an error on your Pocket PC.

Mobile View features intuitive user and administrative console, three-level security, compatibility with existing software, unlimited upgrades, and Advanced Window Client

Mobile User:

- Update his device profile,
- Live troubleshooting chat option
- Check for latest updates of the software,
- Backup and restore settings/data
- Request technical support selecting appropriate button.
- Identify the issue, and specify some details of the request,
The technical support representative will be able to assist the user right away by providing the solution in real time, or may request access to the device to resolve the problem quickly.

Administrative console:

- Displays time stamp, request and user information, device ID number, hardware and OS info.
- Live troubleshooting chat option
- Eliminate unnecessary information flow when using slow Internet connections for faster problem resolution.
- Complete logbook of request activities, available at the click of the button.
If the device is not responding, technical support representative can remotely reboot the device to continue the troubleshooting activities.

Mobile View v.0.4 Advanced features:

Seamless Integration
No Device or Protocol Programming
Over-the-Air Provisioning
End-to-End Security
Disparate Network Support
Full Mobile Device Use
Intuitive User Interface
Content Support
Advanced Mobile Windows Client

Download the 30 days evaluation version of Mobile View from this site!