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View Full Version : Zune: A Canadian Experience

12-21-2006, 05:33 PM
Greetings All,

Longtime reader, first time to the forums...

Just wanted to share my first "Zune" experience as limited as it was I found it quite enjoyable.

So I just received my device two days ago and thus far I'm loving it... everything about this product is easy to use and understand.
The only issues I've had are when I plug it into my computer at work.. doesn't seem to want to sync or sometimes charge... but any other computer I've tried I haven't had any issues.

Anyway to the experience, so I was headed to work yesterday morning and I was listening to my zune till I got on the subway where I sat down and was going to start watching the 5 seasons of RvB I have loaded onto my device. When I pull my zune out of my pocket then proceed to remove it from it's slip (a more substantial case is in the mail ;)) the man sitting beside me says "HEY! Is that a Zune!?" I froze for a moment and thought... "No way, what are my chances that on my second day of ownership in Canada another Canadian has a Zune as well" I was expecting him to pull out his Zune however when I looked up and answered him "Yes" he proceeded to tell me his story how he was investigating all the devices on market for his daughters 16th birthday. She had wanted a new player and was thinking about the Zune but in the end went with the iPod Nano.

But he didn't seem to realize that the release of the Zune was limited to only the USA. (Thank you JJ! for getting it for me :D). For the next Twenty minute trek on the subway downtown we just discussed the Zune and I answered (to the best of my ability) his questions on the Zune. He was quite impressed, also mentioned how is daughter would go nuts after he told her about the device. Apparently she's not having that fun a time with her iPod.

It was an excellent way to start one's day.
What I've noticed though.. as much as I'm inching to try out this WiFi transferring, if I wait patiently enough I'll have my chance. For the time being it remains off, but the Zune still is a great conversation piece. It gets people's attention and you meet some interesting people throughout your day ;)

I even have people around the office asking "where can I get me one?" lol
even some that have just committed to their iPod purchase say they'll most likely pick up a Zune in a year or so. (hopefully by that time it's been released in Canada, and the rest of the world for that matter)

The potential is there, and I'm a little disappointed that it's taking so long to jump on it... for what ever the reasons are. But business is business and it always involves some sort of politics (damn politics) which slow things down.

lol gotta love the world for that ;)