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View Full Version : Cannot get Bluetooth ActiveSync Pass Thru to work

Martin I Pettinger
05-07-2003, 09:31 AM

ActiveSync Woe

Day 5 of Bluetooth and I have finally managed to install the BlueConn drivers for my Mavin CF Card on my iPAQ 3850 and ActiveSync via Bluetooth to my laptop which has an Anycom USB Dongle.

Range of the CF Card is excellent and connection is maintained at the end of my garden through two walls - about 40ft distance. However not everything is going to plan.

Although I can maintain an ActiveSync connection I cannot for the life of me get the Pass Thru to work. When I change some settings the BT Connection is dropped others just don't seem to work.

As for Pass Thru using USB and Infra Red now that works just fine. I thought if I left my settings the same - i.e. Work, Internet Settings then things would work fine, but no such luck.

One other thing I have tried to do is install new drivers - i.e. BlueSoleil as there is no BT ActiveSync option with the BlueConn drivers. However when I install the BlueSoleil CE Software it says the device is not licensed.

Any ideas welcome


05-07-2003, 10:00 AM
You're doing better than me - ActiveSync still doesn't recognise my 3870 through my Belkin USB dongle. Good luck though. :)