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View Full Version : The Newest of the New Zune Thoughts Templates

Jason Dunn
09-01-2006, 07:18 PM
What's this? A new layout for a site that's only a couple of weeks old? Yes, that's right dear readers, we've put the Zune Thoughts template through the wringer and come up with something new, and I believe, better. The original template was a departure from the traditional Pocket PC Thoughts template in that it pushed the content up and to the left, making it more obvious. There were still things I didn't quite like about the template though, namely it felt too restrictive from a content standpoint. We've always aimed a delivering a great experience in 800 x 600 browser window, but I felt strongly that limit was outdated. Sure enough, after looking at the Pocket PC Thoughts site statistics, over 96% of our readers were viewing the site in browser windows that were at least 1000 pixels wide. It was time for our template to &quot;grow&quot; and put more information onto the screen. The big deal for me was bigger images - I love big, glorious images, and being limited to 400 pixels wide always felt limiting. <br /><br />This new template accomplishes several things that are important to me: we now have more room for content, can support 500 pixel-wide images, and we have front page support for 336 x 280 ads (which, like it or not, is vital for the life of my business). We've also added a search box up top (which searches the vBulletin forums), expanded the RSS feeds up top to show more text, and fixed an assortment of bugs and issues. This site is still in beta, but it's inching toward completion. Thanks for your support as we continue to improve things!

Jerry Raia
09-02-2006, 04:21 PM
I like this better :)

Phillip Dyson
09-21-2006, 04:22 AM
I like the new template too...
But is it just me, or is the site less mobile browsing friendly than the other sites. I'm using Netfront and I made sure that I was logged in.

Jason Dunn
09-21-2006, 05:41 AM
But is it just me, or is the site less mobile browsing friendly than the other sites.

We haven't yet implemented our mobile templates, so yes, for now it's not mobile friendly. The new version will be VERY mobile friendly though.