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View Full Version : Help with BT CF Card - Will it do Activesync and pass thru without wires

Martin I Pettinger
04-20-2003, 11:23 PM

Is it possible to work out from the attached specs whether this CF card allows cable free syncronisation and hence pass thru to the Internet between a PPC using the card and a Bluetooth enabled PC.


I do not know a lot of detail about Bluetooth but my guess is that the Serial Profile would be used to simulate a cable connection between devices. If this is true does this mean data transfer is low - i.e 115k.


Sven Johannsen
04-21-2003, 12:25 AM
Well, not from the specs, but from the feature list -
Mavin's CF cards can connect to and automatically update information on a Bluetooth device that has been designated as an ActiveSync partner for PDA. To perform an ActiveSync session, you set up your host computer, then create the wireless connection.

That should cover whether. Speed is a different issue, can't help you there.

Martin I Pettinger
04-21-2003, 09:28 AM

Could your quote mean that if the CF Card is used on a PC or Laptop then a BT Activesync could be performed. I.e. if you had a Bluetooth PDA - such as an iPAQ 3870 and the CF card on your desktop you could sync this way. The profile list is more extensive for the Windows Desktop than the PPC. Question is what does the Syncronisation Profile mean - I understood that this was a profile for syncing devices automatically when they detected one anothers presence. Active sync I think is quite different as this is software syncronisation? Just speculating here - it is so difficult to find plain english explanations for Bluetooth.


Sven Johannsen
04-21-2003, 02:53 PM
Not sure what you are asking. back to the page you linked...Use Bluetooth Compact Flash card in your PDA, pocket or handheld PC to wirelessly synchronize data with your Bluetooth PC or other Bluetooth device. That seems to indicate you can put the card in a PPC with a CF slot and sync to a PC that is BT capable in some way. My Ambicom card does indeed use the serial profile (I set the Comm port in AS to the virtual serial port the BT card is on), but it actually has a seperate applet on the PPC to initiate a sync. Not sure exactly how this one works, but it sure seems to say that it will, at least at a basic level.

I would venture that if it allows AS connections, at that point internet pas-through will work. Pass-through works whenever I can get my BT cards to support AS.

I agree BT as a whole isn't well documented at this point. It is nice to list all those profiles, but information on what you can actually do with them is sketchy.