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View Full Version : Journal Bar

04-17-2003, 03:04 AM
I love Journal Bar, but I won't use it anymore. Here's why...JB claims that all you have to do is put your pda (I have an iPaq 3955) in its cradle and it will pull in the current data. I can't get it to work. At work, I am behind a firewall and I also like to sync JB from home. In order to get it to sync data, I have to dock the pda, open PIE (my settings at "Work" include the settings necessary to get out to the Internet), and open a web site. Opening a website via PIE works fine. Then, I have to reset my iPaq and then the data gets pulled in. I have to go through the same routine when I get home. I have to tell (it seems like) JB where I am before it will pull in data. Doing this twice a day is crazy. Am I missing something? I would love for this product to work as advertised, but I can't get it to. I do all this using a USB connection. Any ideas?



04-17-2003, 05:33 AM
I had the same problem. I don't think the folks at JB have a clue when it comes to networking.

I quit using it because it didn't work at my work location and the version I used appeared to have lots of memory leaks.

I only wanted it for weather and have since switched to WeatherToday which actually works a lot better since I want to know the weather in Baghdad and several other Intl. cities.

04-17-2003, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the tip. I have now switched over to WeatherToday. A far better application with no firewall issues. This works like Journal Bar should.


04-18-2003, 12:30 AM
Just downloaded weather today. It works great. I like having the weather to two different cities at once. I also found journal bar to have memory leaks. I had to hard reset last week.