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View Full Version : Microsoft Wireless Base Station help

04-17-2003, 12:19 AM
I just got my Microsoft Wireless Base Station (MN-500) in the mail today from Staples (only $30 after rebates). Now, since I do not have a broadband connection, I am only wanting to use this as a wireless access point. I've read the manual 2 or 3 times now, and I am very confused. I am not sure what the exact steps I need to follow to use the ms wifi base station just as a wireless access point.

Also, the manual says that I cannot setup the router using the Setup Wizard on a Win2k machine. But then later on, under the section that talks about using the router just as a wap, it says you can either use a non-win2k machine to set it up, or win2k by using the "Base Station Management Tool" (what is the difference??), or just by using wireless adapters.

BTW: I haven't connected anything yet, just got it about 30 minutes ago...

Anyone out there have this MS router and using it only as a wap? :?

Sooner Al
04-17-2003, 11:56 AM
After quickly looking at the manual it seems your choice with a W2K box is to use the web based configuration method versus the stand alone management tool. Look at the bottom of Page 19, Using the Base Station as a Wireless Access Point Only, and Chapter 6 for help setting up your device as a WAP only using the web based configuration...

Since this device also acts as a wired switch, plug in wired clients in the appropriate ports on the device. You will need to run some sort of internet sharing software on the desktop PC that dials to your ISP. Look at this page for help with ICS on various flavors of Windows.


I use XP Pro ICS to share my dial-up ISP with wired/wireless clients on my home LAN. In my case I setup my wireless access point as a bridge and turned off its built-in DHCP and NAT functions. My XP Pro ICS box acts as the DHCP server on my home LAN.


Good luck...

04-18-2003, 03:20 AM
Thanks, I finally looked at the first section in Chapter 6 and connected directly via ip address, and it now works like a charm. Thanks again :D

Now if I could only get my Belkin 802.11b card to work on my iPaq 3635.... anyone have experience with belkin wifi cards and pocketpcs? :?