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View Full Version : Help with 802.11b card

04-13-2003, 07:44 PM
I bought a Belkin WiFi PC Card today for $19.99 AR at CompUSA. I did a hard reset on my iPaq 3635, just so I'd know things would go ok (I already had all my things backup previously). I installed the WL100 drivers like the CEWindows.net site says to do, then I proceded by doing a soft reset to "finalize" the driver installation process. I then inserted the Belkin card, and typed in the name of the driver from the CEWindows site (WL100NDS.dll) and pressed ok. I then proceded to open the WL100 config application. I tried tapping on the Link tab, but it came up with an error saying it couldn't find the wireless card. I tried soft resetting again with the card in this time, and still no go.

Any ideas? I would really appreciate any help, since this is the second pcmcia wifi card I've bought, and the first one I had trouble with, and I would like to get this one working.

04-24-2003, 02:27 AM
I purchased the same card and am having the same problem. To add to MSCDEX, I have a 3650 and tried both PPC 2000 and PPC 2002. I've entered the driver as WL100NDS.dll and wl100nds.dll

The card works flawlessly on my Thinkpad.