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View Full Version : WEP issue?

03-29-2003, 06:14 AM
I have a new iPaq 5455 (my first PPC) and I really want to like it, but I have had so many problems with it. Please help me fix this one.

I have a Linksys WAP11 set up on my LAN that I have used to connect my laptop and my iPaq 5455 to my wired network and internet. I have been able to ActiveSync and surf the web with the 5455 with WEP 128bit encryption enabled and with WEP disabled. Recently (due to ActiveSync issues) I did a hard reset and since then I can't seem to connect the 5455 to the WAP with WEP enabled (I still can connect with WEP disabled). What gives?

Here is my neophyte understanding of WEP... When I set up WEP on my WAP11, I put in a passphrase that generates 4 keys and I indicate which of these keys will be used to authorize connection to the LAN. I input these keys into the iPaq and tell it which key to use to gain access to the access point I specify. If the WAP likes what the iPaq tells it, a connection is granted. Of course the keys are masked with asterisks on the iPaq so I can't tell if I've made a mistake entering these hexidecimal keys. I have carefully re-entered these keys several times but I still can't connect. Why isn't there a place for me to enter the Passphrase to generate the keys on the iPaq?

I should mention that with WEP enabled or disabled I can see the signal strength on the setup screen on the iPaq and the signal icon in the lower right of the Today screen is green. There seems to be a connection, but I cannot browse the internet or establish a connection with my desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

03-29-2003, 07:08 PM
Since nobody else, here is a guess: some systems differ between byte and hex code when enabling Wi-fi (my d-link DCF-660W does), generating two different codes. Could it be something like that?


03-30-2003, 06:10 AM
Wow, I finally fingered this out >> I had a combo of things wrong... I set all my connections to "Work" (as suggested by other threads) and on Proxy settings indicated that the top connections connects to the internet. AND I must have had a digit off in the key that I was using for WEP.

Now maybe I can get some sleep...