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View Full Version : New MediaQ Chip Ups Handset Graphics Ante

Jason Dunn
03-26-2003, 09:30 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/3321.html' target='_blank'>http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/3321.html</a><br /><br /></div>"Taking square aim at upping the ante in the handset and smartphone markets, MediaQ has now launched a new graphics chip dubbed the MQ2100 Multimedia Platform Controller. Having announced its new MQ2100 Multimedia Platform Controller, MediaQ is now further upping the ante in the battle for better graphics on handsets. Saying its new chip lets manufacturers more rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new product designs, MediaQ aims to contribute to shortening the design process of OEMs. If the company delivers on its promises, this could benefit customers in terms of reduced costs as well as improved graphics."