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View Full Version : Zune sharing idea from weedthoughts?

Paul Martin
12-10-2006, 06:05 AM
I was doing some browsing for info on an old MP3 player and came across a site for a music service called http://www.weedcharts.com/. I'd never heard of it, but they allow you to listen to a song 3 times and then have to buy it. Copywrite date on the page is 2005.

Weed is a revolutionary way to distribute music. You can play a Weed file 3 times for free using any Windows Media player software. After 3 plays, you can buy the file using the Weed software (http://www.weedshare.com/).
Best of all, you can share Weed files with anyone you like, on p2p networks, burned to cd, by email, on skype or from your mobile. And when someone else purchases that file, you get paid.
Where have I heard that before? :)

Disclaimer: Since this part of the forum is not for commercial posts, it should be noted I have no connection with them...I'd never heard of them until about 15 minutes ago.