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View Full Version : not compatable with all computers

12-08-2006, 10:24 PM
Got a Zune because I'm a microsoft fan. Now not sure. Bought a Zune and thought I would get it running for my daughter before christmas. Loaded software on my Emachine and could not get it to sync. Call support and after two hours they told me it must be bad. Take back to circut city and got a new one. Load it up again same thing. Call support they could not help. The people there didn't impress me at all. On a fluke I go to my brother's house (he has a Compac) thing loaded up and sync fine. Don't know who to be mad at but I am blaming miscosoft.
Then what really makes me mad I get it home and tried it again and because it loaded on my brother's computer it won't do anything on mine now. Any thought or fixes on this short of buying an IPOD!!!!!