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View Full Version : Why.. oh why?

Monty Gibson
10-08-2002, 11:26 PM
Of course, having the T-Mobile is a great PocketPC Phone. I love it; however, due to the limited supplies for accessories I am still upset at the fact that more and more companies are still sticking with the CF format. I thought for sure, by now, that they would have migrated toward the smaller SD/MMC cards. They are bringing SD cards to the arena but most of them are SDIO standard and even the Pocket LOOX doesn't even support the SDIO standard(!) in SD format and it really is beginning to piss me off that I have a PocketPC that has capabilities of being incredibly awesome if it weren't for the fact that the expansion capabilities are really poor. Granted, it's brand new and I know that there is a thumb-board on the way, but there are more accessories geared toward a CF slot than a SD slot at the time and it's a shame that more and more companies haven't "flowed with the times." What am I saying? Well, for instance, being in the medical profession I have noticed great deal of products that I would love to use for my PocketPC but cannot because I either don't have the SDIO standard or the CF slots. It's upsetting. Any thoughts, pep talks, et cetera?

Monty Gibson

Ed Hansberry
10-09-2002, 01:50 AM
Except for memory, SD cards have to be SDIO to allow for input/output that a modem, NIC, GPS or other feature would need. I too am disappointed that there aren't more SDIO cards available. Bluetooth seems to be it. I want a modem and a CAT-5 ethernet connector too. WiFi would also be nice.

Shame the T-Mobile PPC can't use any SDIO. :cry: Perhaps their next version. :?