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View Full Version : is there a "keep alive" app for GPRS?

Hank Scorpio
09-26-2002, 05:33 PM
My GPRS keeps just disconecting on me, I don't know if it's because it disconects after 2 seconds of nothing being downloaded, or because of weak signal. Does anyone know if it's suppose to stay connected until stopped or if it's suppose to cut off after a period of time? does it cut out because of weak signal? if so, it must be pretty crappy, my Treo used to be able to conect and stay connected for hours in the same place I'm using the t-mobile, sucked batterys but I didn't have the problems I'm having with keeping connected that I'm having with the XDA.

09-28-2002, 01:56 AM
You shouldn't have to keep reconnecting. The connection should persist even with no data transfer for a period of time longer than 2 seconds or 2 minutes.
I'm sure carriers can configure this, but they should provide you with at least 15-30 minutes of idle connection time. Plus, GPRS is being sold as Always On connectivity, so I'd be surprised if many are.

What carrier are you using and in what city?

09-28-2002, 03:16 PM
Haven't tried it, but there's a KeepAlive app on this site under the utilities section:


- Jim

Hank Scorpio
09-28-2002, 04:07 PM
It must be my location, I'm at the girlfrinds
house and it stays connected
here. I just find it weird that I had no problem
with my Treo, it must have a better antenna. I
read somewhere that there will be an update soon,
that will allow us to use more "slots" or
something 4 instead of 2? maybe it'll help my
area, I'm in Oakville, which is a fair sized city
30 km from Toronto, so there should be lotsa GPRS
juice floating around, lotsa towers, it's all
digital here, so there's no excuse! anyways, it's
fun here at the girlfriends. I'm posting from my
XDA right now through Thunderhawk, it's weird too
it doesn't do the word wrap thing, you gotta hit
enter for it to goto the next line, it's like the
old typewriters.