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View Full Version : T-Mobile 128MB Upgrade

09-14-2002, 08:14 PM
Well, I have my T-Mobile Pocket PC back from Pocket PC Techs and really loving the upgrade. I got the 128MB upgrade:


I shipped the unit via overnight delivery and Leonard Wesson and his team completed the upgrade the day after they received it. Immediately following the upgrade, they had it right back in the mail and notified me (along with tracking number) via e-mail. I had it back the next day.

Following the shipment notification, I also received an e-mail with the T2T Disk Driver/Utility attached. The T-Mobile recognizes the first 64MB RAM natively, and the driver is necessary to enable the second 64MB as a RAM Disk. The driver/utility is installed at Pocket PC Techs before shipping, but you'll want these files if you ever need to do a hard reset.

After receiving the unit, I immediately looked it over very carefully - I can't even tell the unit was opened. Perfect condition, no unit case scratches, no screen scratches, not dust, nothing!! Perfect. Before shipping, they even put on one of their WriteShield screen protectors. Great Service.

I did a hard reset and started all over setting up my T-Mobile. The T2T Driver and Utility installed easily. I use the Utility to rename the RAM Disk and format it. Also ran the memory test. It was really easy and straight forward.

I'm now able to load everything into main memory that I want, and also store large documents for FAST access on the RAM Disk. It's great!!!.

I've come across only one issue, but I'm working around it for now. The problem seems to be a conflict between the T2T Disk Driver and All-Location's GPRS Counter. Here's what happens:

Here's what happens:

If the GPRS Counter is enabled and you do a soft-reset, the T2T Driver can't see the extra RAM, so the T2T Disk is unavailable. I can disable the GPRS Counter and do a soft-reset and then the T2T Disk becomes available. I can also enable the GPRS Counter after the T2T Driver has enabled the T2T Disk and everything's fine, but if I ever do a soft-reset, I'm back in the same boat. The work-around would be to turn off the GPRS Counter before doing a soft-reset, then turn it back on after the T2T Disk is enabled. This issue is 100% repeatable on my device.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the upgrade and very impressed with the workmanship. I would do it again, and recommend this upgrade to anyone not satisfied with the 32MB factory spec.

Great Job and many thanks to Leonard Wesson and his team at Pocket PC Techs.

Jim Sparkman
[email protected]

09-14-2002, 08:46 PM
Thanks for the info regarding the upgrade. But what kind of change in battery life have you observed?


09-14-2002, 11:49 PM
The impact to battery life after the upgrade has been minor, as far as I can tell. Maybe it's shaved 10% off of total life??? I'll keep an eye on it this week and provide an update, but it really seems negligible right now.