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View Full Version : HTC Wallby (XDA, Joey, MDA)

09-11-2002, 07:30 PM
I am trying to find where I can get a couple of those machines, quick... I have understanded that O2 in england have them for sale, but I do not know if they are locked to O2 as phoneoperator... And the european dealer (carrier devices, http://www.carrierdevices.co.uk )for this machines can not deliver me some for atleast a couple of weeks, and I need several, faster than that :!:

And where can I get a ROM update for the ones we already have? After speaking with microsoft support in germany I have understanded that I do not have the most recent version of ROM in my device, so I realy would like to get a fresher one since we have experienced a few problems, that might be ROM related :? .

Or do anyone have any better sugestion of harware I should get instead of these machines?