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View Full Version : O2 xda price drop in UK: 499.99 to 399.99

08-23-2002, 04:42 PM
I bought my xda about a month ago from Dixons, Braehead, Glasgow for 499.99.

8 days later the feckers (O2) dropped the price to 399.99 as they had decided to repostition the xda within the market.

I had missed Dixons '7 days price pledge' by a day so was stuck as they wouldn't refund if box had been opened and as I'd used up my 4MB of data, I didn't really have a leg to stand on...

So, after calling Dixons, I was informed that they had heard from O2 that compensation would be made available to users who had paid the extra 100.00.

A call to O2 customer services was met with a snide, patronising woman who basically laughed at me and said 'tough' - she had never heard about the compensation deal even though Dixons had been informed. I got her to call Dixons while I was on hold and she eventually ate humle pie, aplogisied and said she'd look into it....

To cut a long story short - if u paid the extra 100 - u can get it back by going to shop you got it from, asking them to call O2 on 0800 586 858 and then (eventually) - they will credit your O2 account with the 100. Once this has been done - u can ask them to transfer it to your bank account.

They don't make this easy - u have to keep on at them.....

Have probably spent 100 on phone calls chasing this up but it's the principle, innit? - don't let them away with it..............

I presume our friends over the pond didn't have the price change malarky hassle?

08-23-2002, 06:25 PM
Not yet as the unit is in pre release mode. It is available, but I believe the offers will come when Voicestream is rebranded all across the US to T-Mobile. As far as goofy offers, I am sure we have had our share of them. But I don't blame ya for fightin em, 100 quid is a nice chunk of change.

08-25-2002, 08:55 AM
I got a letter from O2 saying I could have a 100 rebate if I took out a years GRPS access. To be honest I thought I had done this when I bought the machine, however it turns out I only bought a three months trial period for GRPS. So if I signed up for another 9 months GRPS (total 1 year) I could get 100 back. I was also told they would contact me before the 15th August which they did and I arranged the 100 rebate with them.

I still haven't seen the 100, but they did say it could take upto four weeks. So I'll let you know.

Apart from the general air of confusion at O2, multiple contact points, and lack of product knowledge - it all seemed pretty fair to me. Now all I need to find out my is how to check my used inclusive minutes (GRPS and phone). GRPS is OK with Any locations - but you can't rely on the built in phone logs. Also I may have sourced a cheap (well cheapish for the UK) source for 512MB (why have 256 when you can have 512?) SD cards in the UK. I'll let you know how this transpires.


08-26-2002, 10:32 AM
What was ballpark amount for 512 MB card?

I was looking at getting 128MB from dabs.com ~69

Got my first phone bill today from o2 with gprs charges etc - bloody 85 !! - my old bill was only ~20 per month.....

When I looked at my statement I had used 10MB one Friday nite at approximately 2am (after having returned from a few refreshment down my local boozer....) - OUCH!! - won't make that mistake again...

09-12-2002, 02:48 PM
after much messing about/wasted time - o2 have promised to send me a cheque for the 100.......