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View Full Version : Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement Equipment Replacement Progra

08-12-2002, 06:08 PM
The reason , why I am still with SPRINT is : Becouse Sprint provide

the service "Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement

Equipment Replacement Program " . Its $4 a month , but if I lost

my phone , whey will send me new one in 24 hours .

I am really want T-Mobile , but , is T-Mobile or Verizon provide this kind

of service ?

08-13-2002, 10:28 PM
:roll: :lol: :D :P :wink: :)

Just come back from Verizon store .

The dude in the store (Center City Phila) been very nice , he new the

stuff , what he was talking about . I told him ,- I never lost my

Samsung I-300 , but allways good to be secure .

He sad : Verizon have the same plan us the Sprint for $4 in month

and @50 replacement (in Sprint is $35) . I love it ! This is the only

reason , why I stay with Sprint . I ask him , if he can show to me the

plan agriment on the paper . He went on the back of the store and came

back with some kind of funny face , he said :- Eventually , Verizon

is not using REPLACEMENT plan for Thera phone .

This kind of answer I cannot belive . The Dude was cool .

But , someone who knows well , please let me know if he was right .

(sorry for my russo spanglish)