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View Full Version : Zune's 3 Power Modes: Sleep, Standby, and On Explained

11-25-2006, 09:48 PM
Zune has three power modes: Sleep, Standby, and On. The following fully explains each and how to exit and enter each mode.

When it arrives it will be in SLEEP mode:
By pressing the play button it goes ON. When Zune wakes from SLEEP mode you will see the Zune Logo and a progress line below it that advances to the right as it boots up. Microsoft says it will go from SLEEP mode to ON in less than 15 seconds. It appears to take half that time. Microsoft uses the term SLEEP mode which means fully powered OFF. Moving the slide switch from Lock to Unlock, connecting, or docking puts Zune into ON mode. Plugging in earphones only turns it ON if in STANDBY mode.

To enter SLEEP mode either:

Do not touch Zune for 24 hours and it will automatically enter SLEEP mode (Microsoft recommends this method); OR
Hold Back button while holding Down button for 3 seconds. (Which works regardless of the lock switch position interestingly enough).This REALLY turns the Zune OFF.
NOTE: A Zune reset puts it in SLEEP mode then automatically turns it back ON. Like a non-destructive reboot. To reset: Hold Back button while holding Up button for 3 seconds.

When in ON mode:
By holding the play button for three seconds you put the player in STANDBY mode (NOT SLEEP mode!). THE "START GUIDE" IS WRONG OR MISLEADING AT BEST. See above to enter SLEEP mode.

When in STANDBY mode:
Pressing any button, plugging in earphones, or unlocking puts the Zune into ON mode. It takes about one second to go from STANDBY mode to ON mode.

I think it takes a lot more power to go from SLEEP to ON then STANDBY to ON. That may be why Microsoft recommends you let it go into SLEEP mode automatically in 24 hours.

If you are having problems with Zune turning ON by itself (as some have posted they have), I suggest put the Zune to SLEEP then set to LOCK.

The above instructions are based on firmware version 1.1