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View Full Version : What's wrong with the iPAQ PC Card Expansion Pack Plus?

Jason Dunn
06-02-2002, 04:33 PM
<a href="http://mobileviews.freezope.org/MobileDot/1022920568/index_html">http://mobileviews.freezope.org/MobileDot/1022920568/index_html</a><br /><br />My fellow MVP Todd Ogasawara has the new PC Card Expansion Pack Plus, and so far the plus is starting to look like a minus. Check out this discussion - anyone seeing similar problems with theirs?<br /><br />"I just received my Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC PC Card Expansion Pack Plus yesterday. I had read about some of the problems people have been reporting in the Microsoft Pocket PC Newsgroup. However, I wanted to get the accessory despite those reports because its features seemed to desirable to me. What follows is a running commentary as I try to figure out what is causing the problems I am now seeing. Feel free to contribute your own comments so we can try to figure out what the issue is together..."

06-02-2002, 05:46 PM
I've owned the PCMCIA Plus Pack for just over 2 weeks myself and have used it with PCMCIA to CF adaptor and 128Mb CF card and with the new 2Gb Toshoba PCMCIA hard drive. So far the only battery drain is for the main battery to drop some 20% and that was after a long Bluetooth session via the T68. The battery has run very slightly warm twice now after a long period of use, but not too hot. So far the battery in the Plus Pack has not dropped less than 98%. It may be that you have a faulty unit. Then again I did install the new Plus Pack Drivers even though I am using the latest PPC2002 OS. I've not experienced any battery drain problems or locking up of the iPAQ at all.

06-03-2002, 12:30 PM
Had the CF Plus pak for over a month now with the device manager update installed. (System 3835) Aside from the blue screen of death that happened once( turn unit on , get solid blue screen, do a soft reset and unit hard resets) unit has performed perfectly.