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View Full Version : Lemonade Inc. Review

Jason Dunn
05-17-2002, 08:59 AM
<a href="http://www.handecomputing.com/articles/lemonadeinc.asp">http://www.handecomputing.com/articles/lemonadeinc.asp</a><br /><br />I love Lemonade - it's a tasty thirst-quencher. And so does Spencer! If you want to learn more about Hexacto's great new game, Lemonade Inc., check out this review.<br /><br />"There have been quite a few classic games that have been ported to the Pocket PC. Games like SimCity 2000, various arcade games like Galaga, PacMan, and many others. These games have been some of the most popular, and highest selling games on the Pocket PC. The latest of these games to be ported is an old Apple II game called Lemonade Stand. The game was included on the base Apple II system for a good long while, and was quite popular. Hexacto Games has recreated this classic under a new name - Lemonade Inc."<br /><br />If you're interested in purchasing the game, <a href="http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=311&platformId=2&productType=2&catalog=0§ionId=0&productId=31389">use this affiliate link</a>.