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View Full Version : PDABuzz looks at Vindigo for Pocket PC and Palm

Jason Dunn
05-15-2002, 03:00 AM
<a href="http://www.pdabuzz.com/Reviews/Detailed/Vindigo_2.0.html">http://www.pdabuzz.com/Reviews/Detailed/Vindigo_2.0.html</a><br /><br />Ever wonder how Vindigo compares on the Pocket PC vs. the Palm version? Check out this excellent PDABuzz review. <br /><br />"Vindigo came along rather unassumingly in June of 2000, offering PalmOS users location based directory information for five major cities. Since then, the service has expanded its offering to include 27 major US cities and London. While Vindigo originally launched as a free, advertiser-supported product for PalmOS devices only, version 2.0 saw two distinct changes in this strategy. First was the addition of Pocket PC support, something that was met with mixed feelings since the Pocket PC version was available on a subscription basis only while PalmOS users could still use Vindigo for free. This soon changed however, with the second major strategy shift at Vindigo, which was to charge all users, PalmOS and Pocket PC alike a subscription fee of $24.95 per year. In this review we will cover what's new and improved with Vindigo version 2.0, as well as how the product varies from one platform to the other."<br /><br />Wes wrote a great review, and I had to smile at this statement: "Since I'm not particularly a fan of exotic foods, being able to find the closest burger joint is a must for me." I was sitting at a table with Wes for Mobius 2002 in Germany, and they served us all sorts of odd food. I have a taste for the exotic, but some of it was even a little much for me. Wes barely ate anything that night, but he liked the burger place we ate at the next night. :-)