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View Full Version : Jornada knows how to accessorize

Jason Dunn
02-27-2002, 03:58 AM
<a href="http://www.brighthand.com/newsite/ppc/jornada_accessories.html">http://www.brighthand.com/newsite/ppc/jornada_accessories.html</a><br /><br />Bart Barker pointed us towards this new BrightHand column on the Jornada and the various accessories available for it. Time to go shopping!<br /><br />"It's been said that the key to fashion is knowing how to accessorize. If the same holds true for PDAs, then Hewlett-Packard's Jornada is a real fashion plate. To prove it we've decided to put on a little Brighthand fashion show, featuring the H-P Jornada Pocket PC."

02-27-2002, 05:21 PM
I do have to say that I am a bit jealous of how well the Jornada Accessories seem to mesh with the Jornada. It leavs the rest of us groaning and grumbling. Still it's not like a normal guy can afford just to get every single PPC out there just to get all the features they like.

Hey I know!! Either some OEM out there needs to poll users and make the perfect device, either that or fund my design!!!

I have a prospectus even!!