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View Full Version : How to Embed Album Art for Zune

12-28-2007, 05:53 PM
I found a number of posts about album art, but none had instructions for getting it embedded (especially if you've already used WMP11 to "attach" it to your files).

How to Embed Album Art for Zune (http://onlydarksets.com/2007/12/28/album-art/)

Turns out the Zune 2 software won’t autotranscode WMA Lossless to WMA lossy for you. Sooooo, I have to convert my entire library, and then use that with the Zune. Not a huge deal, except for the fact that I used WMP11 to associate album art with each of my tracks. Why is that a problem?

Well, it turns out that WMP11 doesn’t actually embed the album art in the WMA file - it creates a series of JPG files in each album folder that it marks as Hidden/System. Yes, that’s right - art for each track is stored at the album level, so if you move a track to a different folder, you are hosed.

So, I’m going through the process of embedding album art for all of my tracks. Basically, that consists of:

Deleting the Hidden/System files (http://www.vistax64.com/vista-file-management/37540-windows-media-player-11-automatic-folder-jpg-download-issue.html).
Figuring out which WMA tracks (or MP3, AAC, etc.) don’t have embedded art already.
For those tracks, finding and embedding the art.

Deleting the Hidden/System Files

WARNING: This will affect not only the files in the current folder, but also in ALL SUBFOLDERS. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!

NOTE: I suggest backing up all of the “Folder.jpg” files first, just in case you can’t find the album art again. Do that between steps 2 and 3.

From the root of your WMA folder, type:
dir *.jpg /A /S
This will display a list of all JPG files in all subdirectories. You should see some (or all) of the following:


You can’t delete or move the files until you remove the Hidden/System attributes. The following command will do that for the current directory, and all subdirectories:
attrib -S -H *.jpg /S
Finally, delete all of the album art files from the current directory and all subdirectories:
del /S *.jpg

Finding the Tracks Without Art

I love MediaMonkey (http://www.mediamonkey.com/). Fire it up, then select the Album view from the tree on the left, then select”View” and then “Show Album Art with details”. Anything without a picture on it needs embedded art.
Embedding Album Art

There are two options: let MediaMonkey do it for you, or find the image and paste it using MediaMonkey.

Let MediaMonkey do it for you:

Select the album
Press Ctrl+L (or right-click and select “Auto-tag from Web”)
Click the “Auto-Tag” button

Do it manually:

Find the album art from:

Google Image Search
Artist’s home page

Select all track in the album
Press Shift+Enter (or right-click and select “Properties”)
Click the “Album Art” tab.
Right-click and select “Paste”
Select “Save image to tag (if possible)”
Click “OK” twice to finish.

Onlydarksets How to Embed Album Art for Zune (http://onlydarksets.com/2007/12/28/album-art/)

08-07-2010, 06:59 PM
Thank you for the help! I've updated my music and all tracks are now tagged!

:) I love my new Zune HD and what I love more about it is the screen savers! One some songs they have these pictures or images of the artist in the background (different than the tag/album art) while the credits are scrolling up and down.

:D How can I created an image on an older track that I recently tag with Art Album but now I would like my Zune HD to also play an image while in screen mode? :rolleyes:

:mad: I google everywhere for answers, but it's always back to "how to create album art or embedded art".

Can you help? :D

Thanks upfront!

:cool: Optimus Prime