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View Full Version : Using printable CDs/DVDs with your Canon Pixma Printer

08-13-2007, 04:11 PM
I ran across something that I thought might be of interest to others of you who have Canon Pixma printers. I love my Canon Pixma MP800, but always wished it could print on printable CDs like Jason's Epson. It turns out it can :eek: , but Canon disabled the feature for the US market.

:bad-words: I hate when companies do that! What? Are they afraid we'll like their product too much or that too many people will want to buy one?

Anyway, getting it to print on CDs is pretty easy. You just remove a little plastic insert where they covered the hole for the tray, tell the ROM that you live in Europe and buy a CD tray from eBay for less than $20. (I paid $15.90 for mine.)

Here's a web site that has the whole thing laid out step-by-step for each of the Pixma models.


My tray should arrive within the week and then I can confirm that it works, though the site already has a video of it working, and when I changed my location as instructed the CD Tray came up as a paper type, so I'm pretty confident this will work as advertised. :way to go:

Jason Dunn
08-13-2007, 06:23 PM
Hah! That's amazing - I knew they disabled it outside Europe (it's gotta' be a patent/licensing thing thing), but I didn't realize it was so easy to "fix".