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View Full Version : A complete DJ set up for sale. Everything you need but the records!

Gary Sheynkman
03-02-2005, 07:34 AM

-Gemini CS-19R Professional Mixer. This rotary mixer has all the
input/output you will ever need whether you are a start-up DJ or want
to add effects and drum machines to it later on. Detailed
Specifications: http://www.geminidj.com/cgi-bi...te_id=

-Gemini Coffin This enclosure is shown in the pictures. It is padded
and keeps your turntables and mixer in place. The turn tables are held
in place by the padding from all sides and the mixer is bolted in. I
have all the needed screws for you to accomplish this.

- 2 Technics SL-1210 M3D turntables. This model often referred to as
the "mk3" is a segway between the classic mk2 and the mk5. Unlike the
mk2 it does not lock in the pitch adjustment which makes fine tuning
around 0% very easy and accurate. Both are in pristine condition and
used sparingly. I have the weights and other accessories that I will
include. Again, I barely used these.

-All the needed wires. Make no mistake, all you have to do is plug
this equipment in and you are ready to go because I am including all
the needed wiring.

-Stanton Trackmaster II cartridges and spare styli. I am including
these great needles with this set. The are designed to be used by a DJ
and sound very well without the need to moisturize the sockets,
something that most people with poor cartridges have to do.

-ProLine Stand . This double x-type stand can hold a lot of weight.
Before buying my example, I had the sales manager who weighed in
excess of 190lbs stand on it. It did't even budge.


Everything is in pristine condition. This equipment was used at home
for a grand total of about 5 times. If you have any question about the
condition specifically or want more picture please feel free to email
me with any questions or concerns.

Original Price:

This set will easily cost you over $2,000 brand new and all you will
get over my set is cardboard and manuals on how to plug the red wire
into the red socket.