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View Full Version : Physical Size

Aaron Roma
08-24-2006, 05:48 PM
Is there any information or rumors floating around about the phyiscal dimension of the first Zune device? As I understand it, there will eventually be an entire lineup of different devices, but there will only be one initially. Any thoughts?

08-25-2006, 12:39 AM
Surprisingly enough, an ipod site has a pretty good write up of the zune.



I hope this helps.

08-25-2006, 07:24 AM
So it's a bit bigger than a 30GB iPod and made entirely of plastic?

I'm not convinced I'll be swapping my 30GB iPod for a Zune any time soon.

08-27-2006, 02:36 AM
I posted my thoughts on this in another thread here, the post just needs to be approved. In short, I feel that the initial Zune will be slightly larger than most people will be comfortable carrying on a daily basis.