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View Full Version : FS: Sony PSP PlayStation Portable - SOLD

02-06-2005, 02:50 AM

I bought this PSP and had it shipped from overseas. It is the standard pack and I received it the 1st of February. There are no dead pixels and the memory stick port works, as does the usb port, headphone jack, and UMD reader. I have had absolutely no problems with it and I will be shipping it from 94720.

The original manual has not been opened yet.

The reason why I am selling this is because I am writing my thesis to finish my undergrad work and feel that the PSP is too much of a distraction. Watching movies/listening to music, using it as an e-book reader, playing games, etc, just takes up too much of my time, at a point in my life when time is the last thing I can waste.

I have heatware under the name Enderet.

I can be emailed at [email protected], PMed, or AIMed at EnderDArmy.

This little machine plays MP4 videos, displays jpegs, and plays MP3s, besides being able to play UMD videogames.

BTW: I have been a member of PocketPC Thoughts since 2003. :)