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View Full Version : Video Sample CDs (5 CDROMS) (2.5GB)

07-12-2004, 03:10 PM

The Video Essentials offer an inexpensive way to incorporate video images into a range of visual material" THE MIX UK

" The samples have a plethora of uses - eg Demo videos, Textures in 3D Rendering Programmes, Clips for Web sites etc. etc.." TECHNOLOGICA UK

"...what you want from any kind of sample CD is well executed, very high quality raw materials with which to set about your own ideas and that's precisely what you get here." DJ MAGAZINE UK

"Verdict: The perfect promo video starts here." FUTURE MUSIC

All clips are at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and use Apple Video CODEC (*.MOV) which will give excellent results on Mac or PC.

These video clips have an incredible variety of uses - e.g. Demo videos, textures in 3D rendering programs, animated clips for web sites etc. All clip samples are of the highest quality and originality.

The five volumes in this series are:

Volume 1 - BIO FEEDBACK - Featuring 'Bio' and Organic video clips.

Volume 2 - FLOW MOTION - Featuring 'Kinetic' and flowing/transforming video clips.

Volume 3 - FRUIT SALAD DAZE - Featuring a cool kaleidoscope of wild and off the wall video clips.

Volume 4 - SPACED OUT - Featuring video clips of futuristic life-forms and textures.

Volume 5 - TRANCE SPOTTING - Featuring futuristic, club-orientated trance-inducing and hyper-Techno video clips.