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View Full Version : What's the best online printing service you've found?

02-02-2004, 07:06 AM
I currently use Snapfish (http://www.snapfish.com) and have been quite pleased. I know about Ofoto and Shutterfly as well as some of the Superstores who now offer online ordering of prints but haven't tried anyone else. So, who do you use and what have the results, good or bad, been?

Please post a link if you recommend a site.

02-03-2004, 01:47 AM
I use FuturePhoto, only in Canada though, sorry!

here (http://pix.futureshop.ca/)


02-11-2004, 03:05 AM
Anyone else?

Suhit Gupta
02-11-2004, 04:30 AM
dotPhoto and Photoworks are the ones I have tried and are good. But I am not entirely satisfied yet. Other than the ones you mention, I want to try EZPrints, BonusPrint, Printroom and Adorama. Ofoto and Snapfish have been the best so far I think. But as you can see, since there are so many to choose from. Let me know if you find something that is truly good (or bad for that matter) :).


Gary Sheynkman
02-13-2004, 01:51 AM
The fotki prints dont come out too bad.


$30 = unlimited storage and other benefits. Worth EVERY cent if you take alot of pics

I feel a review coming soon

03-02-2004, 04:37 AM
We've used the FuturePhoto (ahem! overpriced), Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart online services here in Alberta.

Superstore's were the best priced until recently, and my wife was happy with them until a set of photos came back way too heavy on the cyan and yellow.

She has switched to Walmart's new online service, and other than taking too long, looks good after the first set.

Speaking of Walmart, for some reason when we've transferred photos back onto SD card from our Powerbook and taken the card to Walmart, their reader won't recognize that there are photos on the card. The SD transfer at the store looks good when we do it right from the camera, though. Is iPhoto doing something to the photos or card that the windows based units at the stores can't recognize? I feel like bring the powerbook and plugging into their network.


03-02-2004, 04:41 AM
I don't use a Mac but I'm wondering if the iPhoto formats the pictures into a more iPhoto friendly file extension? Are they still saved as JPEGs? Check the extension and then see if a PC can open the pics.

03-02-2004, 07:48 AM
It's still a jpg. In fact, both my Palm and my iPaq can read and display them flawlessly. Really, it's a mystery so far. I'm not sure if it's a Mac thing, an iPhoto thing, a card reader thing, or a digicam thing. The other part of this, though, is that I can upload to the store's site the same jpg files that are unreadable by the card reader in the store.

03-03-2004, 11:22 PM
I just want to say that even though it is not an "online" photo printing solution, Costco ROCKS for getting prints from digital photos for those that have one near them. Only $.19 and the quality of the prints from my 4MP Canon S40 is just wonderful. Just want to spread the word because I don't think Costco advertises this heavily.

Steven Hughes
03-04-2004, 10:13 PM

I have tried many some actually crop and center your shots so they aren't "exactly" what you may upload to them, some even have the abilty to shut this feature off. I recommend trying them all and see which meets your needs best, most have some type of free picture or discount offer to get new customers and I would compare them.

A good way to baseline, what you really get would be to send the same photo to several different services and then judge, who processed your picture the best.

A good list of online developers is from Steve's Digicams:



I have have had great success with Costco and their enlargement prices are very reasonable and you can get them in an hour...

If you are looking for High quality development, alot of premium film photo labs and local camera shops also have made the transition from film to digital and support different print papers and developing techniques for real high end photos and professional finishes. This process is a hunt-around process, but your local yellow pages and google ( http://labs.google.com/location?q=digital+photo and enter in your address) is probably the best way to find the closest digital lab near you...


Zack Mahdavi
03-26-2004, 10:58 PM
I use Ofoto and Shutterfly.. been using them for years now.. they've always been good to me, and now they're even better as they've both dropped prices. :D

12-21-2004, 11:16 PM
I use sams club dot com prints are 18 cents

01-31-2006, 05:03 PM
I have used FutureShop here in Toronto (on line) and the quality is only ok. I also used Costco which is super cheap (but you have to bring the prints, can't do it on line) but I thought the quality was awful. Very washed out.
I just received some pics back from Kodak on line in the US (used to be ofoto?). With the exchange rate and $1.99 for shipping, it is not that much more expensive than FutureShop. It took about 2 weeks for the pix to get delivered but the quality was outstanding. In my mind (to my eye) the quality of the pictures, especially some 8x10, is far above FutureShop.

Just my $.02