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View Full Version : SDA key re-mapping

07-16-2006, 02:22 AM
I want to remap the T-Mobile key on the phone. I know that it is set by the file Short_Ap1 in the Windows directory. I know how to edit and resave the file. How do I get phone to run an application that is stored on the memory card when I press the button. I copied in the proper directory and file name into the Short_AP1 file but the problem is that the phone does not like directory and files names that have spaces such as \Storage Card\...... The file when it runs says it cannot find \Storage and then stops.

Any help?

07-16-2006, 03:09 AM
Seems that you need to have whatever you want to point that key to in the Windows directory. I've never been able to have it point anywhere else.

Maybe you can create a shortcut to the exe in your storage card, put that in your Windows directory, then have the button point to that.

Just a thought...may need to try that one later myself.

07-16-2006, 09:09 AM
Hey, actually it's pretty simple, I use the t-mobile button for running skype (not fully working, don't ask me for help) and the media buttons for TCPMP.

Note: The buttons are all mapped from the /windows folder and named Short_AP1.lnk through Short_AP4.lnk.

1. Open your phone w/ AS and browse to the program you wish to link to.
Eg. \Storage Card\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe

2. Forget that window for a moment and open the windows folder.

3. Go to the first window and *Right drag the exe or file into the windows folder, creating a shortcut. (Create Shortcut(s) here)

4. Copy the new file as well as your target button's shortcut onto your comp (desktop?)

5. Open the new file, copy contents out, and paste into the shortcut file. (Short_AP1.lnk)

6. Copy the button shortcut back to the windows folder, don't forget to delete the other shortcut file you created in step 3, you may delete the files off your computer now.

That's about the most surefire way to make a button work, you can type out the location, but spaces do funny things (prog files) so you have to add quotes.