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View Full Version : CoPilot Live6 versus Mapopolis (anyone tried both)?

12-22-2005, 01:26 PM
I bought MS Streets and Trips 2006 which does not autoroute on the Smartphone or PPC platforms.
I have tried the latest Mapopolis Software for Smartphone but have not tried CoPilot live, nor do I know anybody who has.

Here are my thoughts:
Cons: No CD of Maps (you can download all you want for a year from the date of purchase), no software on PC to manage waypoints, routes, seems to lock up the phone once in a while. If I exit the program, I still have to go into Task Manager and "stop all programs". I've had minor issues with the BT connectivity as well. Text-to-speech voice will give you street names when calling out directions, but if you choose the female voice (haven't tried the male, but I assume it is the same), you are only told to turn left or turn right.
Pros: Price (~$100 USD), Software executable is free, you pay for maps. You can download the PPC or Smartphone s/w free then use the maps you purchased on either platform.

CoPilot Live6 (remember, I haven't seen this product yet)
Cons: Price (~$200 USD), you only get one version for the $200, either PPC or Smartphone.
Pros: CD's for map data. PC s/w to manage waypoints etc. Seems to be more feature rich (the "live" thing if you have internet connection on the phone etc), 30 day money back guarantee.

I see that CoPilot is not using the NavTech database for maps. I wonder though, if the CoPilot data might be more comprehensive because they sell s/w for commercial transportation applications etc.
Here is a link to a website that reviewed the CoPilot5 for Smartphone, they really liked it Click Here (http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/copilot-live-smartphone-5.php)

Can anyone that has tried these 2 head to head give a recommendation for one over the other?


12-24-2005, 03:46 AM
I've used mapopolis since it was a two color palm app. But now that I have a WM5 device, I cant get it to connect to BT.

So if anyone can tell me if CoPilot works on my SP5m....I'll buy it and compare.

12-26-2005, 03:48 PM
Looks like copilot works on WM5 devices and includes US maps. I'll buy it and let you know.

12-26-2005, 10:12 PM
Looks like copilot works on WM5 devices and includes US maps. I'll buy it and let you know.

I just pulled the trigger on it, 2 day UPS shipping. Should be here this week sometime. We'll have to compare notes to see what we like/dislike about it. I figured as long as they have the 30 money back guarantee, I would just be out the shipping if I didn't like it.

Used Mapopolis today on a trial run and didn't like how it "locked" up the phone. It was okay when I had several turns in a row coming up, but on a long straight of way, the screen would go back to my home screen, then revert back to the map screen when the turn was approaching. That in itself is fine, but when it switched back to map view, there were remnants of my home screen on the maps screen. I am running RJShortcuts and the bar that I have in the middle of the screen with the little application icons showed up splashed across the map. It didn't want to go back to the regular home screen when I hit the "home" button. I hope CoPilot is better. If it is determined that removing RJShortcuts would help, I would do that.


12-26-2005, 10:54 PM
Mapopolis worked great on my SMT5600 but has rebuild problems on my SP5m and I cant get BT to connect, so that's out. Plus my subscription from last year has expired and I wont pay another $100 for just 1 year...even if they did upgrade the Smartphone software....that has been in Beta for over a year.

12-30-2005, 08:04 AM
Ordered mine tonight 2nd day. But with the New Year, that probably means I should have it sometime next week....by Wednesday or Thursday I'd guess.

12-30-2005, 02:59 PM
Just got mine in yesterday. Tried it out on the way to my hunting lease. I am dissappointed :( The maps for my house are totally wrong. We have been in this house since new, so the streets have been here for at least 6 years. There is no excuse for not having a good data base. If I can't trust it around my own area, not sure if I can trust it elsewhere?
I have several issues with it already, I started another thread on it: CLICK HERE FOR THREAD (http://www.smartphonethoughts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=63688#63688)