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View Full Version : JAVOedge.com Holiday Promotion - THERE'S MORE!

11-24-2005, 02:06 AM
In addition to our holiday coupon code promotion (code: HOLIDAY1121), we also slashed prices on some of our popular products. Please feel free to use the 10% off coupon code along with the items listed below for maximum savings!

A/C Travel Chargers:
- Audiovox PPC 6600, XV 6600, XV 6601
- O2 XDA II mini, iMate JAM, T-Mobile MDA Compact
- O2 XDA II, iMate Phone Edition, T-Mobile MDA II
- O2 XDA III, iMate PDA2k, T-Mobile MDA III
All were $16.99 each, now $12.74 (25% off) (http://www.javoedge.com/simtrix/productMtce/jsp/productListACCharger.jsp)

- Treo 650 (Bronze, Dreamy Purple, Twilight Blue)
Was $28.95, now $24.61 (15% off) (http://www.javoedge.com/simtrix/productMtce/jsp/productListSkinCase_Palm.jsp)

- HP iPAQ h6300, rx3100/3400/3700, hx4700 Series
Was $23.95, now $17.95 (25% off) (http://www.javoedge.com/simtrix/productMtce/jsp/productListClearCase.jsp)