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View Full Version : Verizons services

05-01-2004, 04:24 AM
i am in the US, and curently use T-Mobile for my service provider with my smartphone2. but the coverage in my area is horrable i loose service entering every builiding, and well it just doest work. i am looking at the i600 from verizon, but i am a little confused with their service offerings. if anyone is using thier service could they let me know how they have their plan set up. I am wondering how i can work out a data plan and a voice plan.

05-01-2004, 06:19 AM
I used to have an i600 with Verizon. If you had a Smartphone2 (e200) then you may be disappointed with the i600. Asthetically and Functionally. Though essentially the same phne OS....it is 2002 OS (a step back) and I personally hate the look of the phone....no camera or BT.

But the Verizon voice quality and reception is there and their 1xRTT is super fast...$45.00 per month for unlimited data.

I also had terrible service with T-Mobile but I switched to AT&T and I couldnt be happier. With T-Mobile I had no bars in my home...with AT&T I have them all. Go figure.

05-01-2004, 08:38 AM
Thank you very much for your reply. i am really happy that you have experience with the i600. My issue is this: early this year i had the mpx200 and was about ready to through it out the window b/c of the 2002 OS, the slowness of it especialy with syncing with exchange every 5 miniutes, i could not answer calls or do anything. in 2003 they fixed most of these issues with the changes to the OS structure. Now that i have been using the 2003 i love it, and really would not go back. but there is pretty good evidence that a 2003 upgrade is comming for the i600, and i would wait to buy a version that is upgraded before going with the i600. So that would get rid of a lot of the OS issues, and would put the device at a pretty close match. i really only use the phone as a phone when i want somthing small as i carry a PPC phone and sometimes even a blackberry during the day so most of what i use is claendar, contacts (for dialing) and message notification (to see if i need to do anything ASAP). i would prefer a clamshell phone for this purpose over the very bluky e200 candybar.
The other issue is that i am on TMO and spend about 2/3 of the year in DC, i live and work in the city center but when i am and work the TMO reception is horrible, i can get reception in my office and appt only after about 10 min of sitting around, and sometimes even longer. often calls dont come through when i am in signal and are not sent to vmail, the callers just keep trying to call. i work close to where i live and in all the 12 buildings that i frequent the devices work in 2 (only in some areas) and that represents about maybe 2-3 hours a week. other then that if i am not in my office or appt i have no signal. when i walk out on the street in this area i dont get reception unless i find a wide open space and wait to get signal and then i can get reception on the street. if i walk about 4 blocks outside of this main area that i spend 80% of my time in i have great tmo service, it just seems to be the towers that serve my area. so i am very frusturated. i have all these devices, and can not be in touch. Second, i spend the rest of my time in Montana, and only get TMO reception in the city center as well, but not outside, and i spend a lot of time out side of that reception area.

So i dont want to get rid of my PPC phone (although i will upgrade to the HP 6300 when it comes out) i still need a smaller phone, and i would perfer an alternitive network so that it would work everywhere, and well that would be VZW (they work great in DC (and in my area) and in MT where sprint has no coverage). i really am only left with the i600, if i would like to stay with a smart phone. i do think i can get by, i hate having a camera, and bluetooth on the device i can live without, but with 2003 i belive i should be able to add a SDIO bluetooth card if i needed it. As for ATT they have OK reception in this area, but from what i know it is all in their new 800 or 850 GSM range where none of my i-mates will work, so switching to ATT will leave me with horrible service, and their coverage in MT is nada.

So for the 1xRTT do you just pay $45.00 on top of your voice plan? and is there anything elese that you would point out about the phone? i am planing on heading over to a VZW store in the next few days to look at the phone and see how it feels.


05-01-2004, 04:04 PM
You can buy the $45 all you can eat data plan on top of the voice plan if you are a heavy data user or you can just deduct data usage from your voice plan if your data usage is infrequent. This is the approach I use. I have the AC 400 voice plan and if I use 1xRTT is is just deducted by the minute just as a voice call would be.