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View Full Version : International MPx200 Availability

Robert Levy
12-17-2003, 05:08 PM
We've got two news items today about international MPx200 availability. The first (http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/artman/publish/article_242.shtml) comes from Mobile Today in the UK:

"The Motorola MPx200 went on sale in The Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and The Link last week, following the two-week exclusivity period in Orange retail stores. The handset, which was only available on Orange or Sim-free, is now available on O2 and Vodafone contracts as well."

This is great news for people in the UK that do not want to use Orange as their operator. Depending on which of the stores listed above you go to and which plan you sign up for, the MPx200 may even be free! See the Mobile Today article (http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/artman/publish/article_242.shtml) for details on that.

The second news item is that Microsoft and Motorola are restating their intentions to launch the MPx200 in the Middle East. This was previously announced in the original Motorola/Microsoft alliance press release, but news sources (http://www.ameinfo.com/news/Detailed/32487.html) in the Middle East are running the story today with additional quotes such as this:

"'We're committed to delivering solutions that help drive our customers' business and that create compelling new ways for consumers to achieve their professional and personal goals,' said Patrick Mulligan, General Manager of Motorola's Personal Communications Sector, Middle East and North Africa. 'The new Motorola MPx200 with Windows Smartphone operating system turbocharges our ability to deliver productivity-driven experiences. It's a compelling complement to our existing software and applications ecosystem for network operators, developers and consumers.'"

There are still no details on exactly when/where it will be available in the Middle East.

Tim Allen
12-18-2003, 07:59 PM
Thanks Robert :).

BTW the MPx200 is also available SIM-free in the UK from Expansys (http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=107705) but at the high price of 400.