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View Full Version : SmartPhone Notes on the i600...not yet. (but a good explanation of decert)

11-21-2003, 03:47 AM
Syncdata has responded to my request as well with a good explanation of different types of certifications.

Syncdata has responded to my request for SmartphoneNotes for the i600 with a good explanation of different types of certifications.


I'm aware of the issue of Samsung i600 and, unfortunately, the problem is related to the privileged signature requirement. To make it clear, in Smartphone 2002 the application security configuration can be:

- Unrestricted: no signature required for unprivileged execution mode, privileged execution mode open: you can install your own certificate (this is what I'm doing with AT&T Mpx200, Qtek 7070, iMate, Eurotel Smartphone, SMART Amazing phone, Mitac Mio 8380 unlocked version)
- Standard: Unprivileged execution mode open, privileged requires operator's signature (AFAIK Verizon Samsung is using this policy)
- Restricted: Unprivileged execution requires Mobile2Market signature (i.e. Geotrust, Verisign...); privileged requires operator's signature (Orange phones have this policy, as well as the standard locked Mitac Mio 8380)

In summary, SmartphoneNotes would work today on a Verizon Samsung handset - if signed from Verizon with their privileged certificate.

According to our sources, Verizon has a plan to set up a privileged signature assessment process for developers. So far no news on this subject though - that's why it is not easy to give you an expected release date.

I'm a fan of this program as I like to sync my Outlook Notes seamlessly with the phone via ActiveSync. Hopefully we'll see an i600 version soon.
(unless we see a way to fully unlock the phone first!).

11-21-2003, 10:14 PM
Hopefully this will come sooner than later. SmartphoneNotes it the last piece I need to make my i600 complete, other than a fix needed to the ridiculous Caller ID problem.

Waiting patiently Snycdata.