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View Full Version : Accessories served hot!

11-03-2003, 06:37 PM


i ordered a keyboard :)

btw if that link doesnt want to work just type i600 into verizonwireless.com's search box

one more thing... :)


pop that into your browser ;)

11-03-2003, 07:19 PM

Verizonwireless.com is temporarily unavailable. 3 guesses as to what that means:

1. an asteroid has taken out their main hosting center
2. they are being bought out by Nextel
3. they are updating their site to show some new and exciting info


John Cody
11-04-2003, 05:57 PM
I placed an order for the Car Adapter, Travel Adapter and USB cable yesterday. And today I receive confirmation that everything shipped except for the USB cable (on backorder).

That was pretty fast shipping for a phone that isn't available yet ;)

John Cody
11-06-2003, 05:21 PM
If you are thinking of getting the $53 USB cable accessory so you can use your i600 as a modem for your notebook PC, please note the following:

I know that motorola's MPx-200 can be used as a modem by disabling active sync and activating a "USB modem" function on the phone. But I found this blurb on verizon's website:

"Your Smartphone can only be used as a modem if you have purchased: Mobile Office Suite from Verizon Wireless"

When I asked the rep today what is this "Mobile Office Suite", they replied that it comes with software and a USB cable. They did not have a price for it. In looking in the i600 Owner's manual they mention the function "Modem Link" that appears to be the same function (as with the MPx200) to let the i600 act as a modem for a notebook computer (via the USB cable).

But, maybe the software of the suite isn't needed at all. I am suggesting this from experience because when I purchased the "Modem link" kit for $120 for my Motorola StarTac phone a while back (to use it as a modem for my notebook), the software turned out to be basically a wizard that helped novices setup the connection. All that was really needed was the knowledge of how to properly configure the special DUN settings (i.e. DUN to dial '#777', and the username password for DUN). So, basically I could have just purchased the cable for $60 and typed this info into DUN to get the same end result :(

So, either the i600 can be used as a modem with just the USB cable, or it will require the software in the "Mobile Office Suite" (i.e. maybe it includes the USB modem driver to be installed on you notebook). I just wanted to mention this possibility because if you purchase the USB cable, then find out you also need to get the software, you probably can't just purchase the software - you will need to buy the complete "suite" that will come with a redundant second USB cable. But, maybe Samsung with end up offering any required USB modem drivers for free on their site, so you would only need to buy the USB cable :)

11/18 UPDATE: See my new post "Step-by-Step: Setting up your i600 to connect your notebook to the Internet" in this forum for more info on this topic.