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View Full Version : Need primer on Internet connectivity with Smartphones - confused...

10-23-2003, 06:02 AM
I am a little confused about data rates versus regular voice airtime rates and how these Internet connections work. I know GPRS, 1xRTT offer higher data rates for GSM and CDMA networks but the data plans are really expensive. Only T-Mobile offers an all you can use plan for data services and their coverage is not very good where I live.

I've also read that you can also dial into your ISP at slow rates. But to check a few text only emails that might be OK. How does each carrier determine whether your usage is considered data or otherwise? Is it all based on the settings you set in your Smartphone hardware? Then carriers offer WAP services too. I know they are no great shakes but where does WAP fit into the picture, can you use Pocket IE to view those? What about Instant Messager? Do I need a data plan for that?

Internet connectivity is the most confusing thing about the Smartphone platform (for me at least) and how the data versus voice airtime rates are charged as well as other services such as SMS, Text, IM, etc.

It would be easy to see how the average user could run up a massive bill playing with their new Smartphone if they are not careful and have at least some knowledge as to how all these servies tie-in with their service plan.

If there is a good resource, FAQ, or primer out there on these topics I would love if someone pointed me in the right direction. Thanks! :D