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View Full Version : GPRS Connection problems

10-20-2003, 05:01 AM
Anyone on Suncom?

On my old sc1100, I was able to get on Suncom's network, but the new one I got won't let me on. I can get on with my t39, so I know it's not a data network problem.

I've posted on the MS newsgroup, but no help so far in getting it resolved - maybe y'all can help me out.

Suncom uses an APN 'mobileinternet' and the IP address for it. Everything else is blank. This worked on my 1049 ROM, but won't work on 1055. When I try to go to a website, the Windows flag comes up on PIE for less than 1 second, then goes back to whatever page you were already on. 'Favorites' and 'Menu' come back up as the Softkey selections.

In PIE | Options |Connections, I have it set to automatically detect settings and connect to WAP network. If I uncheck auto-detect, it says "Dialing..." on the status bar and times out.

Are there any GPRS utils to determine the settings for your network or anything?