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View Full Version : Connected Bits Weather Preview R1

Jason Dunn
10-01-2003, 08:18 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.smartphone.net/smartphonethoughts/software_detail.asp?id=256' target='_blank'>http://www.smartphone.net/smartphonethoughts/software_detail.asp?id=256</a><br /><br /></div>This is easily the nicest-looking weather application I've ever seen on any platform, so if you're in the US and have a Smartphone, download this now - it's free! I'd pay for a version that worked in Canada though. :? <br /><br /><img src="http://www.smartphone.net/Product_images/2/230/weatherscreenshots.gif" alt="User submitted image" title="User submitted image"/>

10-02-2003, 12:49 AM
I sent a complimentary email to Dave @ connectedbits and he advised that he is working on adding some Canadian content. I hate having to substitute Buffalo (NY - not the animal) for Toronto.

I love this program. It really shows off the web services future that these devices hold.

And it looks great.

Jason Dunn
10-02-2003, 04:50 AM
...he is working on adding some Canadian content...


10-02-2003, 05:24 PM
What a GREAT little piece of software!!! Love it! A cool little value add- it shows you how long since the last weather update. Killer! ;)

10-05-2003, 05:06 AM
Could someone tell me about how this works as far as updating itself. Are you using up data minutes over the air or does it update itself using ActiveSync. Just curious....Thanks!