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View Full Version : Home Data Network?

09-27-2003, 01:46 AM
OK this is this crazy or what? Unlimited wireless point to point voice is now cheap and available - can this be used to route to your personal server for no cost data streams and file access? It would seem this is possible if there is a way of modulating the voice stream to carry data packets without going through a telco system which would meter and charge as much as .02 a kilobyte. In other words a one minute local weather report with video would cost $3 through a telco and $0 through your own setup.

NOTE: I am not interested in a telco rip-off, this would be through your own homebrew system using the wireless voice services you pay for. If the only way to do this means using existing telco data services without paying I would not be interested. If this is doable - what web sites or news groups would I find tech help for on this?