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View Full Version : How to speed up your smartphone

07-16-2003, 09:32 AM
All comments and tips are welcome.
I've got a few ones, need to translate them first... :D

****** from coolsmartphone *****

1) Keep the amount of phone space free to a maximum. Install software on the SD card and NOT the phone where possible. You need to investigate memory cards, so check this page out.

2) Remove any old programs / games / utilities that may no longer be needed by going to..

Programs -> Settings -> More.. -> Remove Programs

3) Remove ALL contents from the MAPI folder on your phone. This folder contains the body texts of SMS & e-mails. I've no idea where the headers are stored or how the messaging folder structure is applied 'cause MAPI has sent, received & deleted
messages in it. Anyway. ActiveSync your phone with your PC then browse to ....


Delete everything in here, then delete everything in the ATTACHMENTS folder. If you want to be "careful" then cut 'n paste the contents to your PC first (then you can paste them back if you lose an important message etc..)

This should free up lots of space on your phone and increase the speed back to what it was when you first took the SmartPhone out of the box!!

4) Go to ...

Programs -> Settings -> Sounds

Scroll down to "Keypad control" and select "None" from the list of sounds. This should stop the phone going "beep" every time you navigate anywhere, and will speed it up no
end! :)

5) Turn Multipress time out to 1/2 second in ...


****** from Smartphone france ********
1/ suppress the shortcut "Orange Support". This is valid for the french version, but I don't know if this shortcut exists for the UK version!!!! (it should be, I guess). Can anyone complete the info? :wink: