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View Full Version : Companions - Dungeon-Crawler/RPG for iPad by smuttlewerk interactive

03-30-2011, 09:27 AM
Hey guys!

smuttlewerk interactive is proud to announce "Companions", a dungeon crawler/rpg for Apples iPad.

The game is in 2D top-view with beautiful graphics and love for detail in every aspect of the game.

You guide a party of four warriors through dungeons in the world of Altland, trying to stop the false god Detexx and his evergrowing "hordes of nether"!

The party consists of an elf lady, a mighty minotaur, an ambitious human and a ingenious dwarf.

Each race is further divided into three classes, each class with unique skills! Replayability is guaranteed. Visit our blog for more info on the different classes!

http://www.companions-game.com (http://www.companions-game.com/)

The game will be available in May 2011.

Prepare yourself and become one of Altlands legends!


- campaign mode with story line
- single maps (survival, close the portal and more)
- leaderboards and achievments (openfeint and gamecenter)
- 34 skills (more being added)
- undeads, demons, elementals and other fierce creatures to fight
- deadly boss mobs
- lots of powerful items
- tactical pause
- hours and hours of gameplay
- bloody battles and great action

Enjoy our trailer:



smuttlegiaco of the smuttlewerkers