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Old 05-07-2008, 12:17 AM
Jason Dunn
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Default Zune 2.5 Bug List: Start Listing Your Bugs

As nice as some of the features are in the new update, software is never coded perfectly, so I'm not surprised to see some bugs and flaws in the software. I think it might be helpful from a reference point of view to have a master list of bugs that the Zune Thoughts community has spotted. We can compile a list of feature requests later, but for now let's focus on actual bugs: things that used to work, and were broken by this new update, or things that were broken in 2.3 and remain broken in 2.5. Here's my list:
  • In the 2.3 software, if you were on the music collection tab, you could start typing and it would instantly filter your songs down and show you what you wanted to hear. That feature is either gone, or broken, in the 2.5 release when you're on the artists view (which is the default when you start up the software). If you switch to the songs view, it will work, and strangely enough it will then start working on the artists view. The performance is much worse - it will consistently miss the first character I type. [Thanks to Grahm from ABI for noticing this first.]
  • I just re-connected my red Zune 8, the same Zune 8 that I'd connected earlier today for my videos, and the software informed me that this Zune is linked to another computer. What? I've only ever connected this Zune to one computer. I rebooted the Zune 8, but that didn't help - the software refused to recognize the Zune as having been previously partnered with it. This is bad - did the Zune team hire people from the Windows Mobile ActiveSync team?
  • The new Sync Groups functionality is awesome...in theory. It doesn't seem to work properly - I created a sync group for photos, set it to seven days, and watched as it pulled 100 photos, seemingly at random, from my pictures folder. Some of the photos date back to 2002. I found a few of the photos in question and carefully examined the EXIF data, file data, etc. - none of it is stamped within seven days. So however the Zune software is examining the files, it's doing it wrong.
  • When you delete photos off the device, it removes the images but leaves behind the empty directories - I have a bunch of grey boxes showing the folder name and "0". I disconnected the Zune, rebooted it, and re-connected it - and all the phantom images were gone. I shouldn't have to do that.
So that's what I've noticed so far - what about you? Post your bugs...
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