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Old 10-08-2005, 08:24 AM
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Default RELOCATION TIP: Installing Jeode 1.9.3 (shipped w/ HP iPAQ 5550) onto a storage card

It was never possible to install Insignia's Jeode (which is, unfortunately, not shipped any more as a OEM JVM) into alternative storages. Now that this problem has been mentioned and I had some time to play with the latest, publicly (at least for 5550 users) available version, the 1.9.3, I'm proud to present my results. (You can find my relocation tutorial for the older, non-iPAQ 5550-specific, 1.7.3 version here.)

It's just the usual case of wired-in paths in link files (which are, programmatically, not necessary at all in a forthcoming article of mine that will discuss CAB managers, I'll explain how one should create really flexible WinCE installation packages.) This means everything will work 100% if you just change the executable paths in the link files. It's actually very easy much easier than the manual relocation of version 1.7.3 (see the previous link on this subject).

1, uninstall Jeode from your 5550 entirely if it's already installed
2, reinstall it; now, to the Storage Card
3, edit \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jeode\EVM.lnk so that it has the following:

255#"\Storage Card\Insignia Solutions JeodeRuntime\evm.exe"

4, edit \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Jeode\Register Plug-In.lnk so that it has the following:

255#"\Storage Card\Insignia Solutions JeodeRuntime\iepluginvm.exe"

5, you can also edit the other three links too (one in there and two under Examples) if you need; just change \windows to \Storage Card\Insignia Solutions JeodeRuntime\ and putting the path (as it contains a space) between " marks.

After this, everything will work OK both the PIE plug-in and standalone apps. I've tested the former with the National Weather Service Radar Image (also see my article "Some new information on the Java compliance of PPC Web browsers" - alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, PPCT), while the latter with the Toonel proxy service (also see my article Reducing Internet bandwidth usage on the Pocket PC - A complete roundup & comparison of Toonel, OnSpeed, Skweezer, WebWarper and the like; alternatives: iPAQ HQ, AximSite, PPC Magazine, FirstLoox, BrightHand), with the link file

255#"\Storage Card\Insignia Solutions JeodeRuntime\evm.exe" -Djeode.evm.console.local.keep=true -cp \toonel.jar gui.ClientForm
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