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Old 07-29-2005, 03:07 PM
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Default Managed to relocate the SPP Today Plug-in DLL to the File Store too! :)

In my article on relocating the latest (3.0) Spb Pocket Plus (SPP) out of main memory, I still couldnít say anything on relocating the 443k-long PlusTodayPluginMFC.dll to an alternative storage medium.

Now that I have scrutinized SPP more, found out that the PlusTodayPlugin.dll directly referred from the Registry as the main Today plug-in DLL has the traditional path of PlusTodayPlugin.dll wired-in, starting at position 0x1555:

Many programs do the same, and the way of relocating these apps Iíve described here works great with SPP too. That is, you need to rename the DLL to something shorter (fortunately, it has a long name so users of File Stores even with extra long names like ĎiPAQ File Storeí will be able to relocate their so that you can also include the name of their file store and the subdirectory to store the DLL in. In my case, Iíve renamed the plug-in DLL to SPPluginMFC.dll because I keep my shared/relocated DLLís in \LOOXstore\dlls and, using this new, shorter name would have resulted in a name of the same size (it can be shorter Ė youíll then have to close it with a 00 00 double-byte, as with all other strings; however, it canít be longer than the original because a new string starts at 0x1594).

That is, youíll need to do the following:

1. go to Settings/Today/Items and disable the SPP Today plug-in
2. transfer PlusTodayPlugin.dll to the desktop to be edited. Itíll be in the home directory (not in \Windows!) of SPP.
3. edit the file with a hex editor. I recommend for example this one because itís free. Iíve posted a step-by-step tutorial of using that particular hex editor here (with a different file and changes, but itís using the hex editor that counts, and not the file youíre editing). In order to avoid transferring PlusTodayPlugin.dll to the desktop, you may also want to give a try to SKHexEd to hexedit the file right on your PDA. It should look like this (again, the path name and the file name will be different on non-Loox devices!):

4. transfer the file back to the SPP home, overwriting the old version.
5. relocate \Windows\PlusTodayPluginMFC.dll to the new location in the File Store, renaming it to the new, shorter name at the same time.
6. enable the SPP Today plug-in

Congratulations! Youíve got rid of another 443 kbytes!

Please let me know if you need help. You may also want to read my other article Iíve written on similar subjects today.
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