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Old 07-29-2005, 10:25 AM
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Default Fine-tuning your memory consumption – relocating uninstall/update-time stuff

In my previous articles (for example, program relocation - a tutorial, Relocating (part of) Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 to the File Store, The main memory of my hx4700 is full. What should I do?, Where's my memory gone ?, Relocating CalliGrapher from the main memory - free up 1.2Mbytes!, Reducing the main memory footprint of the Stowaway keyboard driver, Reducing the main memory footprint of Microsoft Reader / Pocket Presence Running Voice GSM, Reducing the main memory footprint of dotPocket; and, a generic overview of the difference between RAM- and flash ROM-based memory: RAM, ROM, flash ROM and everything that's related to them and alternative (much more terse) threads on the same subject here, here, here and here), I’ve spoken a lot about where particular apps should be installed to and what measures should you take to clean up memory after installing a particular program.

I’ve mentioned in almost all my articles (particularly in that of CalliGrapher) that all Windows Mobile applications, due to system restrictions, put their help files (which are plain, uncompressed HTML files with possibly additional linked images – and, there may be several of these image files, all contributing to a slower Pocket PC, which is the case with, for example, NetFront 3.2, NoteM and CalliGrapher) in the \Windows. If you don’t use the help in your program, you can freely delete these files. The gain will be, in cases, enormous.

In \Windows and in \Windows\AppMgr, there’re other files worth moving to a memory card (not deleting though – you may later need them if you uninstall/upgrade them!). First, the .unload files in \Windows. They are only used upon uninstalling an application, so, unless you want to uninstall your favourite applications, you may move them to a storage card (as with the contents of \Windows\AppMgr – more on this later).

A typical example:

07/29/2005  09:29 AM             9,906 ACCESS NetFront32.unload
07/29/2005  09:30 AM             8,134 Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0.unload
07/29/2005  09:41 AM             1,528 Alexander Zavorine MP3 Voice Recorder.unload
07/29/2005  09:30 AM             1,732 C. Ghisler & Co. Total Commander.unload
07/29/2005  09:43 AM             1,390 HAL9000 SE_VGA.unload
07/29/2005  09:40 AM               860 Resco Explorer 2003.unload
07/29/2005  09:44 AM               178 Resco Registry Add-in.unload
07/29/2005  09:18 AM               346 SOTI Pocket Controller.unload
07/29/2005  09:23 AM            10,346 Spb Pocket Plus.unload
07/29/2005  09:40 AM             4,754 Stowaway Keyboard and Mouse Driver.unload
07/29/2005  09:43 AM             1,562 TCPMP The Core Pocket Media Player.unload
07/29/2005  09:44 AM               260 Visual IT Simple SMS.unload
12 File(s)         40,996 bytes
The same stands for the DLL files in \Windows\AppMgr: you can move them anywhere and you only need to move them back here when you plan to uninstall them.

07/24/2004  04:55 AM             6,656 Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0.DLL
10/01/2003  11:21 PM             9,728 Alexander Zavorine MP3 Voice Recorder.DLL
10/04/2002  08:42 PM             9,216 HAL9000 SE_VGA.DLL
02/04/2004  01:50 PM             8,192 Resco Explorer 2003.DLL
03/16/2004  12:14 PM             9,216 Resco Registry Add-in.DLL
04/26/2005  04:48 PM            44,032 SOTI Pocket Controller.DLL
07/07/2005  08:12 PM            77,104 Spb Pocket Plus.DLL
11/05/2004  09:24 PM            20,480 Stowaway Keyboard and Mouse Driver.DLL
07/08/2005  04:31 PM             9,728 TCPMP The Core Pocket Media Player.DLL
              9 File(s)        194,352 bytes
Even the limited number of applications I have on this particular PDA install uninstall files that occupy 245 kbytes. The more apps you install (even if they go to a storage card and, seemingly, they don’t occupy anything), the less RAM you will have. By installing 30-40 apps on your PDA’s storage card (which isn’t uncommon), you may even have 1-2 Mbyte of totally useless, uninstall-related files in the RAM.

And, of course, don’t forget about deleting the HTML help files and .bmp/.2bp files (they are all used from HTML files) from \Windows either!

Please note that you will need these files if you upgrade a given program, even if you don’t delete the old version by hand first. Upgrading also results in an uninstall behind the scenes.
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